S.A.Y.-Social Activities for Youth


Games & Gab Galore!-Available for Grades Pre-K to 5 (After School Program)

The phrases “Everything old is new again” or “Oldie but goodie” best describe this class. This class is designed to promote verbal and interpersonal interactions between children. Through a vast variety of whole group indoor activities and small group participation, students will have guided opportunities to play games their parents and even grandparents played in their youth. These old-time but valuable games encouraged verbalization, socialization and fostered friendship that lasted a lifetime. Some activities and games to select from: playing cards, musical chairs, Barrel Full of Monkeys, arts & crafts, Pick-Up Sticks, Pin-The-Tail, A My Name Is Alice, Hopscotch, Dominos, marbles, Tic-Tac-Toe, Tidily Winks, Hokey Pokey, Duck-Duck Goose, Pat-A-Cake, board games and much, much more!   

International Language Play-Available for Grades Pre-K to 5 (After School Program)

This class is designed to celebrate cultures and their languages. In this multi-cultural world we inhabit, learning about other countries and those who live in them are important lessons to encourage respect for others. Each session, participates will learn a poem or song in a language other than English. In addition, students will play a game based on a country that speaks this featured language and learn about the countries, which speak this language. Some language options, but not limited to: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Mandarin/Cantonese, Arabic, Russian, Urdu, Farsi, Hindi, Greek, Polish, and Icelandic.  (Feel free to request any language not listed.)  

Mini-Teacher and Academic Games-Available for Grades Pre-K to 5 (After School Program)

Young people can be teachers, too and have a great deal to offer others. Playing school as a teacher can now become true for all those aspiring educators. This course shows participants how to teach younger siblings, cousins and friends by learning all the tricks teachers know. Students will create their own educational games and take them home to play with their sisters, brothers, relatives, neighbors and friends. This class is designed to develop self-esteem and confidence in these young future leaders and support them in recognizing that they have much to offer others on a daily basis.  

Book Craft & Converse-Available for Grades Pre-K to 5 (After School Program)

This class is developed to promote a love for reading and to foster children to talk. Each week students will read or listen to grade-level, appropriately selected book and then the participants will create a craft project that connects with a concept in the literature. As they design these works of art, the literary scholars will participate in a guided discussion based on various aspects of the book. The children will be encouraged to share their thoughts and point of view.