Services for Parents & Caregivers-Part 2


Social Partners At Home

Is completing homework, attending to chores or socializing with peers a challenge for your child? We have a solution! Our staff will train you or your caregiver on how to use our program which is based on the concept of a scavenger hunt. It combines movement, activity completion, choice and social skills in a fun and active manner while motivating your child to finish tasks and homework in a unique and child-friendly way. This program is also ideal for kid parties at home or for rainy/snowy indoor days! 

Teaching Tips for Parents

Do you wonder how teachers are able to have all their students performing academically while managing their behavior at the same time? This workshop addresses all of these curiosities and offers realistic tips and practical solutions to daily routines by sharing tricks of the trade and methods that work for them. Ideal for both parents and caregivers who long for effective solutions.  a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Gender Diversity Training for Parents and Caregivers

This workshop is created to bring further awareness and sensitivity to the gender diversity of students, parents, caregivers and staff who already exist in classrooms and schools today; as well as, those soon to be a critical presence in all school districts. Parents and caregivers will be exposed to culturally competent practices regarding gender spectrum and equality, in and out of the classroom setting. Crucial topics will include specific, practical tools and strategies to approach classroom parties, verbal interaction among peers and educators, center-based instruction, gender non-conforming play and dress, school assemblies, faculty meetings or gatherings, bathroom use, class line-ups, parent conferences, birthday party invitation distribution, locker rooms, playground challenges and the rights of all parties. Participants will become familiar with inappropriate wording and gain a better understanding that the entire school community has a vital role to play in the safety, implementation of policy and care of the lives they touch on a daily basis. 

Scheduling and Organizational Solutions (S.O.S.)

How do I fit it all in? What is the priority? Does scheduling and organizing seem like an impossible task? Not anymore! New and experienced parents and caregivers face this challenge each and every school year. Our systematic approach is intended to remove the overwhelmingness of the daily or weekly scheduling process while assisting you in both organizing your environment and prioritizing your agenda. We aid parents and caregivers in meeting the scheduling needs of your family: before and after-school activities, homework routines, work obligations, meal preparation and household demands as you formulate the structure of your workable schedule and personal surroundings. In partnership, we listen to your challenges, non-negotiables and desires by helping you to create a unique schedule and declutter your space in a simple, clear and practical manner that works for everyone.