Creating The Classroom Environment Of Your Dreams

This course shows teachers, new and seasoned, how to create a functional, realistic and aesthetically appealing environment for the classroom which addresses the needs of students and teachers alike. Our simple approach is practical and clutter-free with a variety of organizational tools, yet supports individuality. We also offer one-to-one assistance and consultations for those who desire more hands-on coaching in their actual classroom. 

Educational Retreats (E.R.)

How often have educators had a desire to discuss what is current in teaching, create centers or review curriculum while interacting with veteran and new teachers alike, but never seem to have the time? These two to three day getaways allow teachers to become refreshed professionally by discussing and focusing on the Common Core Standards, Developmentally Appropriate and Best Practices; while personally being part of a nurturing working mini-vacation which provides a forum to express important academic needs and concerns of both the educator and administrator. 

Gender Diversity Training for Teachers, Administrators & Support Staff

This workshop is created to bring further awareness and sensitivity to the gender diversity of students, parents and staff who already exist in classrooms and schools today; as well as, those soon to be a critical presence in all school districts. Teachers, administrators and support staff will be exposed to culturally competent practices regarding gender spectrum and equality, in and out of the classroom setting. Crucial topics will include specific, practical tools and strategies to approach classroom parties, verbal interaction among peers and educators, center-based instruction, gender non-conforming play and dress, school assemblies, faculty meetings or gatherings, bathroom use, class line-ups, parent conferences, birthday party invitation distribution, locker rooms, playground challenges and the rights of all parties. Participants will become familiar with inappropriate wording and gain a better understanding that the entire school community has a vital role to play in the safety, implementation of policy and care of the lives they touch on a daily basis. 

New Teacher, Student Teacher & Fellows Mentoring Workshops

Nothing can be more frightening than finding yourself in front of a classroom of students for the first time. We recognize transitioning to the classroom, even after the most comprehensive education, can be overwhelming. These workshops address the critical topics that are often asked by new teachers who may not know where to turn. All instruction is differentiated, practical, current and incorporates extensive use of The Common Core Standards, Developmentally Appropriate and Best Practices through analyzing concerns and hands-on experiences. 

Scheduling & Organizational Solutions (S.O.S) for Educators

How do I fit it all in? What is the priority? Does scheduling and organizing seem like an impossible task? Not anymore! New and experienced teachers and administrators face this challenge each and every school year. Our systematic approach is intended to remove the mystery out of the daily or yearly school scheduling process while assisting you in both organizing your environment and prioritizing your agenda. We aid classroom teachers and administrators in meeting the needs of all students, school directives and state or local mandates as they formulate the structure of their schedule and surroundings. In partnership, we listen to your challenges, non-negotiables and desires by showing you how to create a unique schedule and declutter your space in a simple, clear and practical manner that works for everyone. 

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