Theatrical & Musical Programs for Youth & Adults


Reader’s Theater: Performance (After School Program)

This class offers an opportunity for participants to practice and partake in a theatrical experience with the potential to perform. By joining this class, children will be exposed to all aspects of a dramatic production. These young actors/actresses will have a chance to improve their reading readiness skills without having to memorize lines from a script, yet understand what it is like to be on stage and gain self-confidence when speaking in front of others. 


Grades Pre-K & K: Nursery Rhymes and Popular Childhood Songs 

Grades 1 & 2-Fairy Tales or Concepts  

Grades 3 & 4-Play based on literature, holidays or themes  

Musical Theater Magic (After School Program)

This class exposes participants to the joy of singing and movement in a dramatic and uplifting environment with the potential to perform for others. The vocalists will learn well-known songs from famous musicals and have an opportunity to reenact many of these moments from the Broadway shows. Children will experience the excitement of musical theater and develop self-confidence in their ability to sing, move and perform with and possibly for others as part of a musical team.   

Puppets: Create & Play (After School Program)

This class is for children who love to craft and create puppets. Each week will focus on a different type of puppet they will make while attending the session. In addition to designing their individual puppets, participants will be encouraged to develop dialogue, which will enhance bringing these puppets come to life. Our class is ideal for students who are either out-going or shy because many people find verbalizing through the lens of a puppet is both easier and enables them to be more at ease when speaking or performing with others.  

There’s No Business, Like Show Business (During Classroom School Time)

This program was created to expose youth to Broadway musicals, rich children’s literature and movie musicals. Youth will have the opportunity to learn about the history and performing aspects of these venues. Throughout the process, if desired, participants will partake in singing the songs, reciting the lines and dancing the steps for each other. They will be offered the option to perform what they have been taught for a live audience. In addition, our theater company is also available to bring these theatrical and musical experiences to school PTA presentations, private parties and special events.   

Musical & Theatrical Cabaret Performance Workshops for Adults & Older Youth

These eight-week workshops expose adults and older youth to all the aspects they need to know about creating their own cabaret show. We address the essential components from conception to performance or as we often say, from the theme to the dream! Participants will learn about the business end, song selection, writing patter and the audition process to become booked in NYC. During the eight weeks, qualifying participants will also have the opportunity to perform for a live audience, as they master their craft. 

“I believe that every person is born with talent!” Maya Angelou