Applause! Applause! Applause!

Everyone wants to be recognized. Students are no different. This course is designed to help teachers bring theatrics into the classroom. Teachers will become familiar with Reader’s Theater, the writing of educational musical parodies and how to script literature they currently use in their classroom. We will expose teachers to the foundations of theatrical staging and review character study for realistic in-class utilization or performance. By using these methods, teachers will enhance the reading and writing skills of their students while fostering both oral and listening abilities in the classroom as they align this process using the Common Core Standards, Developmentally Appropriate and Best Practices to promote student achievement.  

Artists Painting Artists!

Our one-day workshop teaches educators how to bring the works of famous artists into any classroom. Our approach empowers both the instructor and the student to become an artist without any prior painting history or known talent. Each teacher and student begins on their individual level and creates from there. Teachers will simultaneously learn methods to show students how to use artwork of the masters as an inspiration for their own work and how to connect raising money through the sale of their artwork for a charity, school projects or classroom/school needs. 

Building, E.T.C.-Educational Thematic Careers

This course is designed to integrate kinesthetic learning,  gross-motor utilization, vocational/career exploration, language arts, mathematics, technology and cooperative learning while addressing Common Core Standards, Developmentally Appropriate and Best Practices. Teachers will be shown how they can afford students an opportunity to explore thematic-based curriculum, interact with community members, reflect in verbal and written expression, and create sculptures with blocks to visually represent their acquired academic knowledge. 

Centers Made Simple

Our course shows teachers, new and seasoned, how to create a functional, realistic and aesthetically appealing environment for the classroom which addresses the needs of students and teachers alike. Our simple approach is practical and clutter-free with a variety of organizational tools, yet supports individuality. We also offer one-to-one assistance and consultations for those who desire more hands-on coaching in their actual classroom. 

Letter Sense for Educators

This class explores a reading readiness method to promote letter and sound recognition while ensuring letter formation through the use of food and literacy foundational skills stated in the Common Core Standards for early childhood learners. 

Social Partners At School

Our one- to two- day workshop puts the joy back into teaching! Educators and administrators will learn about our program which is based on the concept of a scavenger hunt combined with kinesthetic movement, academic rigor, arts appreciation and social skills. Our program ensures that students will experience team work, free choice, partnering and learning in a fun and active manner while gaining knowledge necessary to promote learning connected to but not exclusive to assessments and the Common Core Standards.